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The ProLiteII boards and software created by AED for Big Sky Laser (Quantel) are professionally done and have proven to be exceptionally reliable, which is quite a feat considering the complexity of the hardware and firmware requirements...close quote

Steve Titus
Product Development Engineer
Quantel USA

Firmware Testing
Firmware Design

Our in-house firmware experts have a combined 115 years of experience developing firmware that sings with our hardware designs, and we remain one of the few Xilinx Certified Alliance Partners in the northwest. All of our embedded programmers are electrical/computer engineers, and their intimate understanding of the hardware results in more efficient and functional code.

AED specializes in performance optimization; identifying strategic paths, reducing bugs, and even improving existing designs. Whether we're building a custom FPGA design from the board up, or deconstructing existing schematics to offer our recommendations for improvement, AED has the knowledge to complete your project quickly and accurately.

We perform rigorous testing and verification of our embedded system designs. Bugs are identified early and resolved before the product goes to market. Oftentimes we will even improve the design, mapping more effectual paths or finding innovative ways to reduce power or memory consumption. Find out why AED is trusted to solve the most complex design problems.

  • USB, I2C, Ethernet, fiber optic, RS232, RS485, and LVDS communications
  • High Performance Video Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • FPGA-Based Embedded System Design Services
  • Advanced Control Algorithms
  • Custom FPGA Design Services
  • Performance-driven Digital Design
  • Verilog and Schematic Design for FPGAs and PLDs
  • Spartan, Artix, Kintex, Virtex, and Zynq FPGAs
  • CoolRunner and XC9500 CPLDs
  • Development for microcontrollers and microprocessors from NXP, Microchip, and others
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