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Costco Ice Cream Bar Challenge

Jon had planned an innocent trip to Costco to drop off pictures to be printed. However, after a lunchtime visit with members of CWA(Cow Watchers Anonymous), Jon's trip to costco had turned out to be a challenge that would prove/disprove his manhood.

The challenge? - Try to eat a whole Costco ice cream bar with nuts. A true man should be able to finish 2 bars, but some have to quit at half. Will Jon make it? Can he handle such a challenge?


Time: 6:25PM

The challenge loomed in front of him.

Time: 6:33PM

Popsicle stick reached. Feeling good. Chocolate is pretty sweet. Nuts might be a bit too filling.

Time: 6:36PM

Tragedy strikes as some of the chocolate slips off the melting ice cream bar. Must increase consumption speed. Leann's voice echos somewhere in the far reaches of Jon's mind, "What about the marathon?"

Time: 6:38PM

Popsicle stick is finished. Stomach pains ensue as Jon realizes that his challenge would not be complete if he did not finish that last bit of choclate. Suffering, Jon pigs on.

Time: 6:42PM

SUCCESS!! Wow, that last bit of chocolate took some amazing effort and a whole lot of water.

Now, the question of the day, could he eat 2 bars? Not without going into a sugar coma! Jon succombs to the realization that he doesn't have a chance of superior ice cream eating status, but his rank is somewhere between "half bar Chip" and "2 bar Jason".

While contemplating the now empty stick, Jon's mind began to wonder.... could I do it? Maybe this would make up for not eating 2 bars? It's worth a try.... if nothing else, it's a good new challenge for Chip and Jason. Good luck boys...