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Meet AED

Talk about a well-rounded group. The AED staff knows how to have serious fun while getting the job done. As the top engineering students out of MSU, Bozeman, each of these engineers would probably do their jobs with complete enthusiasm, for just food and a dry corner of the lab to sleep in. They share a real commitment to their jobs, the Bozeman lifestyle, and the desire to build Lego robots that will take over the world... or at least the conference room.

Bryan Robertus

Bryan Robertus, P.E. - President

Bryan looks beyond the engineering of a product to make sure AED serves the best interests of the client and end user. His ability to see the big picture allows him to make solid engineering decisions and elegant designs. He's streamlined AED into a flexible, tight company without corporate baggage and red tape. Working side by side with his creative staff eliminates the layers of management, giving his clients desirable timelines and excellent results.

Bryan had to choose between music and engineering early in his career. Funny enough, he eventually got his name up in the lights of Broadway as an engineer! You may hear Bryan playing the sax in big bands around Bozeman, find him enjoying his family, or in his home workshop. His house is probably the only house in the valley with a dedicated Lego room.

Jon Koon

Jon Koon, P.E. - Principal Firmware Design Engineer

Jon sums it up with the maxim, “work hard, get the job done right, and have some fun along the way”. His “take no prisoners” approach gives him the confidence to tackle any new type of processor to solve a problem. He loves that the AED staff has a strong sense of humor when discovering both hardware and software bugs.

His spare time finds him running (not necessarily away from the police), volunteering at the university, fishing, ballroom dancing, and a host of other outdoor sports. Did we mention that he builds robots with Legos?

Jason Kay

Jason Kay, P.E. - Sr. Electronics Design Engineer

Jason finally found a place to work where his co-workers have the same relentless work ethic that he grew up with. He feels privileged to work on unique projects that allow him to step back and see actual results, instead of just seeing a tiny piece of the big picture.

When he's not creating solid engineering, Jason cooks foods from around the world, dances everything from the Two Step to the Viennese Waltz, and pedals, snowboards, and runs around the Bozeman area. And of course... he builds robots with Legos!

Jason Daughenbaugh

Jason Daughenbaugh, P.E. - Principal Hardware Design Engineer

A puzzle solver, Jason realizes that every project has more than one solution, and he relishes considering cost, performance, and development effort to find the best one for the customer. He enjoys working at AED because of the company's inherent strength in talent, experience, and determination.

If he's not traveling on his spare time, you'll find Jason somewhere outdoors recreating in the glory of southwest Montana, or, you guessed it, building Lego robots.

Brett Swimley

Brett Swimley, Sr. Firmware Design Engineer

To help customers find the best value for their dollars, Brett concentrates on providing info regarding tradeoffs between design and cost. He strives to determine what customers really need versus what they think they want. He enjoys working on project teams where engineers work individually utilizing their specialties, yet depend on each other when putting the pieces together. He loves working with the latest and greatest technology.

After work, you'll find Brett with his family skiing, hiking, boating, and programming Game Boys with kids. If you don't find him at the ski hill, just look for the nearest Lego stash and he may be nearby.

Chip Lukes

Chip Lukes, Sr. Electronics Design Engineer

You gotta problem? Just ask Chip. He loves to determine the most appropriate answer to any problem thrown his way. Chip enjoys the staff interaction that comes with helping each other see different perspectives in order to come up with a solution. He feels lucky to work with a special group of engineers that have similar interests in and out of work.

If you see some nut dodging icebergs in a blizzard on the river, that would be Chip. He ties flies, hikes, camps, and in a pinch, builds Lego robots.

Charlie Mann

Charlie Mann, Sr. Software Design Engineer

Charlie couldn't imagine finding another group of engineers that put everything they can into making quality projects without losing sight of the, “Work's supposed to be fun,” attitude. That mix of serious workers and “watch your back,” pranksters are evident all through the AED food chain, and Charlie wouldn't have it any other way.

When not glued to a project, you'll find Charlie playing in the dirt (his garden), hiking, reading... and in close proximity to music. He plans on returning to Africa some day to spread the word of the Gospel to local tribes.

Tyler Judisch

Tyler Judisch, Electronics Design Engineer

Tyler appreciates how ideas appear and turn from once abstract notions into tangible working products. He loves being a member of a small company doing big things. Hard work and strong team support give him the chance to take a step back and marvel at the accomplishments a tight group of goofball engineers can develop while still having a blast.

If you want to find him after work, don't look indoors. Look him up in the woods trailing game, catching fish, skiing, hiking and camping.

Brian Foreman

Brian Foreman, Operations Manager

For not speaking the engineer lingo, Brian sure shares their work ethic and team spirit. The only corner he'll ever cut is hugging a turn in a Lego robot race. He works with the team to come up with creative, cost-effective solutions that grow their customer's bottom line while contributing to laughter that makes AED a great place to work.

If you thought Brian was busy at work... factor in his three kids under ten, lovely wife, woodworking and home projects, being a Notary Public... and when time permits, he may even catch an hour or two of sleep every night... dreaming of Lego's no doubt.

Kristie Simpson

Kristie Simpson, Firmware Design Engineer

Kristie applies her passion for mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering while setting and meeting diverse goals at AED. She feels a sense of pride knowing that all of her teammates focus on enhancing individual performance for the common good of the AED community. Her ability to have fun while creating simple, clean designs, allows her to go home at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

With three younger daughters, Kristie rarely has any downtime...and loves it that way. Most of the time she's learning and playing with the kids, and whenever possible, traveling back to her home state of Kentucky to see family. If she can steal a few minutes to herself, you'll find her reading science fiction, working puzzles, crocheting, and playing the Legend of Zelda.

Mark Wolfe

Mark Wolfe, Software Design Engineer

Mark's passion toward attractive, well-designed, user-friendly interfaces comes from a creative perspective of software development. It's exciting for him to take an original idea that began somewhere in his imagination, and translate that into a tangible software solution. The fact that new challenges come his way almost daily, is one of the great perks of working at AED.

After work, Mark relishes every moment he can spend with his beautiful wife and four kids. When he's not working on his Masters in Computer Science, you may find him finishing the basement, working in the yard... and if he's really lucky, sitting in front of the fire reading a Clive Cussler novel after an afternoon out in the woods hunting.

Paul Kneeland

Paul Kneeland, Principal Software Design Engineer

We're surprised that Paul doesn't show up in a Tux to work, knowing his penchant for creating elegant solutions for the most complex problems. His "No Fear" approach comes from keeping current on cutting edge technologies, languages and platforms, and his laser focused desire to do one thing... produce robust solutions to whatever we throw his way. Paul enjoys the fact that at AED, he's never alone. Even when working independently on a challenge, Paul relishes the fact that his team is always in the wings ready to assist if needed.

For most of us at AED, our robot competition is enough... not for Paul. Paul volunteers teaching a robotics class in his spare time at Heritage Christian School. He loves spending time with his wonderful wife and four kids. If an extra spare minute arises, you'll find him a tough competitor playing his favorite strategy games, Axis and Allies 1940.

David Oard

David Oard, Sr. Software Design Engineer

David's all about being a part of a team that starts a project together and sees it through to the end. Although he's a great engineer, that's only part of the reason he fits in so well here. His 'no ego' approach to project work had him fit in from the "get-go" here at AED. Although he takes ownership of individual aspects of a job, he's the first to realize that two... or ten heads are better than one.

At home, David cooks with his wife and loves listening and talking about music. On family outings in the mountains, you'll probably catch him camera in hand, pursuing one of his non-engineering pursuits. And if he's not programming games and ray-tracers on his own time, you'll often find him bellied up to his charcoal grill, cooking up steaks and burgers for the family.

Casey Kulbeck

Casey Kulbeck, Finance Manager

Casey hopes her "accounting mind" will help keep her from falling for too many gags! She loves the fact that her colleagues are so relaxed and easy to work with. Hungry for knowledge, you'll often find her trying to learn something new. Every day, Casey's greeted with brand new experiences... and although that may freak out some people, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Her husband Scott and two boys mean the world to her; however, Bobcat Fall football comes in a close second. When she's not cheering along and putting the fear of the fan into opposing teams, you might find her and the family at one of the boy's games, camping, or headed toward a tropical beach.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry, Program Manager

Ideas are pretty cool the way they just show up in your head out of nowhere. It's the next step of taking concepts through design and implementation that Mark really enjoys. He likes having a creative team of people around him that continues to open his eyes to new possibilities… even when it comes with some pretty serious goofing around. Mark will tell you that you have to have a pretty good sense of humor to work here… and he wouldn't have it any other way.

When you run into Mark outside of work, that's pretty much where you'll find him… outside. He enjoys biking or hiking the trails, skiing and generally having a blast with his family.

Gavin Lommatsch

Gavin Lommatsch, Electronics Design Engineer

Gavin really enjoys that all the passion he feels toward "a job well done" comes back to him in spades from his co-workers at AED. Between the combined knowledge around him and the overt support for mutual success, he feels fortunate to be in a company that not only allows, but encourages the prospect of studying, exploring and conquering a problem. Everyday is a good day at AED.

If you're into Timber Sports, Gavin's your guy. Along with founding the Big Sky Timber Sports team at MSU, you may seem him "cutting a rug" during his free time. He's partial to the Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Blues swing dancing, and often travels far and wide to attend dancing events. And like most Bozeman folk, he believes that any day spent in the great outdoors hiking, camping, mountain biking or skiing, is a good day.

Tanya Forwood

Tanya Forwood, Requirements Analyst

It’s simple for Tanya – she wants to do “good work” – work that’s based on a solid code of ethics and designed to help society. Knowing how many moving parts every project has, she gets great satisfaction from adding her contribution. Along with helping out clients, Tanya revels in the lighthearted, fun environment at AED, from the stuffed Gorilla that greets her at the door each morning, to the playful pranks and banter she shares with co-workers.

After work or on weekends, Tanya heads outdoors to camp, fish, hike or hunt mushrooms with her boyfriend Walter and dog Porter. Through the winter months, you may see her playing billiards in one of the two leagues she belongs to. She’s working to eventually make the nationals in Las Vegas… and from how she approaches her work at AED; we won’t be the least bit surprised when she makes it happen.

Collin Moore

Collin Moore, Firmware Design Engineer

If Collin is being challenged, he’s happy… and he loves challenges when tasked to figure out how to use electronic circuits as a means to solve problems. We kind of think he would do this work for free because he loves taking on and solving a tough project so much. He also really appreciates that everyone else around AED sees their jobs as fun. That’s why Collin will tell you it’s a pretty cool place to work.

When he isn’t solving problems for us, Collin, like most engineers, fixes things like cars and computers. Go figure. When he’s not hunched over his workbench, you’ll see him out hiking the local trails or looking for cool places to drive.

Nathan Robertus

Nathan Robertus, Software Design Engineer

As much as variety is the spice of life, Nathan sees the diversity of projects he works on as one of the key perks of working at AED. Because there are so many different things going on, he never feels stuck doing just one thing. And he loves that every new project is not only a new challenge, but also an opportunity to learn, alongside a talented, fun-loving group of co-workers… which he'll tell you is the icing on the cake.

Whether he's rock climbing, swimming, running, biking, camping, hiking or slack lining, Nathan loves the Montana outdoors. He also plays drums, shoots and edits short films, dabbles in photography and continually tries to solve Rubik's cubes as fast as possible.

Cody Vine

Cody Vine, DevOps Engineer

Some of us go to museums to see art - Cody finds the same beauty in quality work that makes complex solutions seem simple and approachable. He loves how AED not only delivers “masterpieces,” that work seamlessly, but gets downright excited about delivering projects with outcomes that beat client expectations. Cody’s grateful to work with folks that seemingly use magic to create new things that have never been seen before.

For Cody, when work’s in the rear-view mirror, it’s all about spending time with the kids. With four kids, seven and under, let’s just say it also take a little magic to find some me-time to get greasy under the hood of his latest project in the garage… but either way, it’s a win-win… and he has four potential junior mechanics to train… what could be better?

Alex Lear

Alex Lear, Sr. Design Engineer

Alex sees the big picture - he knows that solving a tough technical challenge to create a solution is only half the battle. He tunes into the client’s needs around manufacturing, testing, shipping, certification… how the solution performs through the entire process. Alex works on hi-tech projects next to hi-tech individuals filled with passion about what they’re doing… and loves when they share some of the best tech/sci-fi jokes he’s ever heard.

Alex doesn’t leave his curious, inventive passion at work. As a self-appointed “car guy,” he loves everything from old Model A’s to the latest Tesla designs… and puts his passion to work by converting cars into electric vehicles. One of his favorite projects is his “VoltWagon,” a classic VW beetle that he converted and uses to test out his theories on new battery management and drivetrain options.

Jeremy Wiedemann

Jeremy Wiedemann, Software Design Engineer

Jeremy is all about how ideas can make common things uncommonly useful - he loves the process that transforms an idea into a tangible, quality solution that improves peoples’ lives. And the best thing about AED is that he’s surrounded by like-minded, smart and collaborative folks that encourage new ideas and share his enthusiasm for making the world a better place… and having a ton of fun along the way.

Don’t be surprised if Jeremy has a camera in hand when you see him away from work. His photography hobby travels with him wherever he goes. He’s also super involved with his church and the community - at AED he can make the world a better place one project at a time, and when off work, he seeks the same results from helping one person at a time.

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