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...AED has exceeded my expectations. The team took my ideas and turned them into a reality beyond my original conception by adding value to the equation instead of just solving it.close quote

Mark Goth
VP of Engineering
Carefree of Colorado

Project Definition
Project Definition

Whether you want a new product developed or you have an existing engineering design challenge, tell us your goals and we’ll ensure you reach them.

We thrive on taking concepts through market product design and product development, beginning with building a transparent communication practice with our clients. We ask the right questions, listen intently, and pool our combined team experience to define your project and provide innovative solutions.

Over the last twenty five years, while working on a diverse array of client challenges, our team has honed their ability to streamline product development through a research and cost analysis approach that leads to the most successful and cost-effective path possible.

As we discover new potential product features along the way, we quickly determine if their value toward reaching your business goals is worth the cost of their development. All of our recommendations come backed with data, experience and a consistent, transparent dialogue with our clients.

And yes, we’ll admit it up front - we’re a bunch of engineering nerds and electronic experts/consultants that seek out the most challenging ideas and projects out there, because we believe just about anything is doable. Give us a call - we’re always up for a conversation.

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